Daonte Shows Proof That Nicolle Initiated Engagement


After watching Nicolle downplay her engagement to Daonte on Love After Lockup, Daonte took to social media to show proof of their relationship status.

Daonte and Nicolle are at odds on season 4 of Love After Lockup over the exact status of their relationship. While Daonte was under the impression he and Nicolle were engaged, she confronted him and said they were not. Now that the awkward moment has aired, Daonte recently took to social media to prove Nicolle previously claimed they were an engaged couple.

In the current season of Love After Lockup, Daonte introduced himself as the hopeless romantic fans have become accustomed to seeing on the hit series. Daonte fell in love with Nicolle after meeting her online and spent over $30,000 in one year on the incarcerated felon. After leading Daonte to believe they were going to be together upon her release, Nicolle surprised Daonte when she told him she wanted to stay with her mom and not him. Daonte has been forthcoming when speaking to Nicolle’s mom, revealing how he stayed loyal to her daughter while Nicolle was away in prison. But now that she’s a free woman, Daonte learned pretty fast that Nicolle wasn’t as into him as she led him to believe.

After watching the latest episode of the series, Daonte shared a screenshot in an attempt to prove his engagement with Nicolle. « Daonte trying to prove he’s not the crazy one with receipts, » one onlooker captioned a Reddit thread that reposted the photo. In the receipt, Daonte revealed an email he received from Nicolle during her incarceration where she begged him to send her a ring because « I want everyone to know I’m taken. » Nicolle went on to add, « I’m a tell everyone I’m engaged haha. » While she did come off sarcastic in tone, seeing as how devoted Daonte is to Nicolle, it’s clear he took her plea seriously and felt like they were engaged.

Fans were quick to blast Daonte for falling for Nicolle’s mind games while she was locked up. « Daonte- you made a mistake. She played you. You thought you could buy a fiance and it blew up in your face. Take the L and move on, » one Redditor said. On the show, Daonte has presented his relationship with Nicolle completely differently from how she appears to see it. The recently released felon has even again started talking to one of her exes from before her incarceration. While she revealed the truth to her mother, Nicolle has yet to be honest with Daonte and tell him how she really feels.

However, from the looks of Daonte’s latest Instagram post, it seems he issued a spoiler alert and hinted at their possible breakup. One Redditor even noted how, in his screenshot, Nicolle is « clearly laughing about the idea of being engaged. » Unfortunately, Daonte missed the joke and was led to believe he and Nicolle were getting married. « She said she wanted to tell everyone she’s engaged, she never said she wanted to be engaged to him, » added someone else. Well, it looks like Daonte had to learn the hard way, like so many other Love After Lockup alums. It doesn’t look hopeful for Daonte and Nicolle, but maybe viewers will see a different outcome by the season’s end.

Source: Reddit

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