GTA Online Summer Update Hype Gets Dose Of Reality From Tired Fan


A brutally honest Reddit user advises the Grand Theft Auto Online community to keep their expectations realistic about the game’s next summer update.

A brutally realistic Grand Theft Auto Online player has created a meme to help the player base keep expectations low about a summer update. The open-world multiplayer crime title from Rockstar Games was released in 2013 alongside the single-player game Grand Theft Auto V. Now, nearly eight years later, Rockstar continues to support GTA Online through the release of frequent events and updates.

Rockstar Games released a massive GTA Online summer update in 2020, despite the game’s growing age and the presence of another multiplayer title with Red Dead Online. This 2020 update, titled Los Santos Summer Special, focused heavily on the vehicles that the franchise has become so well-known for including. Alongside a number of brand-new cars, the summer update also included a circuit editor to allow players to plan out their own Open Wheel Races. A new co-op mission launched from a Super Yacht also helped to create the summer spirit, as did new Adversary Modes and Business Battles for players to experience. While no summer update has been announced for this year, a recent GTA Online update did tease a 2021 summer update briefly as part of a recent event.

A tired Grand Theft Auto Online fan, Reddit user drroadrunner, has created a meme telling players to manage their expectations for the game’s 2021 summer update. The statement refers to the GTA Online community’s excitement about the unannounced update, which may lead to disappointment if the update is small. Drroadrunner asks the game’s Reddit fans to wait until the update releases before they form an opinion about what should be included by Rockstar.

While GTA Online has managed to maintain a large and loyal player base, the nearly eight-year-old game has begun to show its age. On June 16 Rockstar Games officially announced that GTA Online‘s PS3 and Xbox 360 servers will shut down in December 2021. The outdated version of the multiplayer title stopped receiving updates about a year after the game launched on the PS4 and Xbox One, so it is likely that few players remain on these platforms. December 16 will see GTA Online shut down completely, though PS3 and Xbox 360 players will still be able to play the single-player Grand Theft Auto V story.

Rockstar Games has relentlessly supported GTA Online for nearly eight years, and the developer shows no real signs of stopping. However, it is important for fans to keep the game’s age in mind. A summer 2021 update for the game has been confirmed by Rockstar, but the update is unlikely to contain anything that completely revolutionizes the game experience. While new vehicles or missions can be fun, drroadrunner is probably right in advising the fanbase to keep their expectations at a realistic level.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: drroadrunner/Reddit

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