Halo Infinite Update Now Live, Addresses Campaign Progression And Server Issues

Halo Infinite received a new update today that aims to fix several progression- and server-related issues that have been plaguing some players. The patch is available now across all platforms.

This latest hotfix focuses in particular on campaign unlocks, Achievements, and some Quick Resume issues. Many players have reported running into problems with Achievements not unlocking correctly; 343 Industries says that it has improved Achievement reliability. However, this comes at a cost: Halo Infinite Achievements will no longer track incremental progress.

In addition, the patch targets issues around some multiplayer items that are supposed to be unlocked through playing Campaign. Specifically, some players who had been disconnected by server issues or had used Quick Resume had not correctly acquired armor customizations they should have earned. The progression and server issues linked to using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S have also been resolved, the developer states.

This isn’t the only change that Halo Infinite received this week. The game has also been updated with Slayer playlists, including Team Slayer, SWAT, Fiesta, and Free-for-All, and its challenge system has also received improvements. You can read more about this week’s content update in Halo Infinite here.

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