Scarlet Witch & Nightcrawler’s Daughter Was Too Powerful For The X-Men


Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler have a daughter in an alternate Marvel Comics universe, one who is simply too powerful to be a member of the X-Men

While Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch seldom share a panel in X-Men comics, there is a reality in which they had a daughter together, a daughter that was just too powerful for the X-Men of Marvel Comics. However, while their daughter, Talia Wagner, AKA Nocturne, may have been too much for any earthbound team of X-Men, she was a perfect fit for the multiversal version of the team known as the Exiles. The Exiles exist outside of just one universe and travel anywhere they are needed across the entire multiverse. When Nocturne joined the Exiles along with a future version of her father, she was able to put her incredible powers on full display. 


Nocturne is truly able to shine in the comic Exiles #41 by Jim Calafiore, Eric Cannon, and Dave Sharpe. In the issue, the Exiles are fighting Apocalypse who is threatening to take over that world using his well-established superior strength and intellect. Not only is she a prominent fighter against the potentially world-ending villain, but Nocturne is the narrator throughout the issue, giving fans a greater insight into her character as well as showing off her incredible powers. 

Nocturne has the physical appearance of her father, Nightcrawler, and her personality is one of abundant sarcasm. Her likability is immediately clear upon reading issues in which she is more prominently featured, and once Nocturne shows off her power set, she immediately becomes a fan favorite alt-universe character. Nocturne has aspects of both of her parents’ powers while having her own unique spin on them. Talia Wagner has heightened agility, reflexes, night vision, and suction, but those are the more basic abilities when compared to her other powers. Nocturne has the added powers of telepathy, psychic shields, and even the power to possess people for up to twelve hours. Where her parents’ powers are involved is through Nocturne’s ability to create Brimstone “Hex Bolts” which are balls of energy she pulls from the Brimstone Dimension, a dimension through which Nightcrawler teleports. 

Nocturne’s incredible power set led her to join a team that goes beyond the realm of earthbound threats like the X-Men are known for. When she joined the Exiles, Nocturne joined the ranks of some of the most skilled fighters and powerful brutes from across the multiverse, including the very son of Apocalypse, Armageddon. As the son of Apocalypse and Jean Grey, he has the powers of both X-Men characters. Between Armageddon and Nocturne, the Exiles can more than handle the responsibility of being multiversal heroes as they have members that are simply too powerful for one universe alone. 

From the Brimstone “Hex Bolts” to possession and immunity to telepathic attacks, Nocturne has proven to be too powerful for the X-Men. It wasn’t as if she tried to join and was kicked out, however, Nocturne’s abilities are just better suited to protecting people on a larger scale, and for her that meant joining the Exiles. Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler’s daughter, Nocturne, is too powerful for the X-Men but just powerful enough for the multiversal superhero squad the Exiles.

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