Fear the Walking Dead Producer Eyed For New Showrunner

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead producer, David Wiener, is reportedly in talks to become the showrunner of Paramount+’s Halo for season 2.

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead producer David Wiener is reportedly in talks to become Halo’s showrunner for season 2.  Based on the popular video game franchise of the same, Halo, the upcoming series from Paramount+, follows Master Chief Spartan John-117, a biochemically and cybernetically-enhanced super soldier thrown into the midst of a 26th-century war between humanity and the alien Covenant. Pablo Schreiber stars as Master Chief, one of the most recognizable/beloved characters in gaming.

A live-action miniseries (Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn) and a digital feature (Halo: Nightfall) have been adapted from the Halo franchise in the past. However, nothing close to a full-fledged movie or series focusing on Master Chief has ever seen the light of day. The Halo series has been in development for quite some time. Originally, the series was greenlit at Showtime in 2018 losing its director, executive producer, and, eventually, landing on Paramount+ in 2021. Its showrunner, Kyle Killen, left the project before filming began and was replaced by Steven Kane, who oversaw the bulk of production for season 1. Furthermore, Kane has made it clear that he would not return to the series if it’s renewed for a second season.


Speaking at the 2022 Television Critics Association Halo presentation, executive producer Justin Falvey talked about a potential replacement for Kane should Halo be renewed for a season 2. According to the Amblin Entertainment EP, Fear the Walking Dead’s David Wiener is being eyed as the series’ new showrunner. Read the full quote below:

“We are talking to David Wiener, who is off of Flesh and Bone and Fear the Walking Dead as shepherding the second season, knock on wood we get to that place,” said Falvey. “Our intention is to produce, you know, several seasons of the show that there’s a lot of story to tell, and as Pablo indicated, we have so many buckets we can dip into with these preexisting characters and these new characters. And these worlds, literally the universe. Talk about a world-building show. So, hopefully, we’ll be doing this for some time now.”

Halo recently unveiled its first full-length trailer during the NFL’s AFC Championship Game and had the entire internet talking. The nine-episode series will finally debut on Paramount+ on March 24. To reiterate: while a season 2 of Halo could be in the works, Paramount+ hasn’t officially renewed the forthcoming show. However, there’s more than enough lore and story to explore.

Considering the source material’s scope and scale, bringing Halo to life has proven both a daunting and exhausting task for everyone involved. That being said, the show will not be a direct adaptation. Instead, the series will see characters like Master Chief, Halsey, and Cortana engage with a narrative that takes inspiration from the games. Despite the absence of voice actor Steve Downes and an iconic theme song, Halo’s armor, weaponry, alien creatures, and visual effects all appear to be on point. Hopefully, all of the work put into the series will result in a faithful and effective inaugural season that warrants a second one that isn’t soured by a revolving door of creatives.

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