Minecraft Ship With Realistic CGI Waves Is Ready For Pirate Adventures


A beautifully designed Minecraft ship is set in motion via an adorable animation of the vessel sailing on realistically-rendered CGI waves.

A recent Minecraft animation is well worth being featured in a random Sea of Thieves pirate trailer as it demonstrates a beautiful ship sailing on realistically rendered CGI waves. It is quite common for Minecraft builders to explore the naval theme, although not necessarily in its most orthodox meaning.

When thinking about ships, most people probably picture regular boring vessels. One gamer, however, took a different approach and turned an abandoned Minecraft cargo ship into a proper settlement with a slight post-apocalyptic vibe. Thanks to the player’s ingenuity, ordinary containers have been turned into living quarters connected via a system of ladders and tubes. Combined with vegetation overgrowth, the industrial style of the build makes it a perfect location for a Borderlands or Mad Max action scene. But despite the excellence of such an artistic approach, even regular ships can be a lot of fun if delivered properly.


A skillful Minecraft creator named nrgmix on Reddit has shared a visually stunning animation of a voxel ship sailing on realistic CGI waves. The vessel itself was built quite a while ago, but nrgmix decided to revitalize the project by giving it a sense of proper motion via an adorable Minecraft animation. The voyage turned out to be a little bumpy, though, as it needs a bit of refinement. But even though the current result is far from being perfect, it is still a huge improvement over the previous iteration, according to nrgmix. The player admits that the ship’s movement should be milder and less jerky, but additional time is required to get things right. Still, the community’s feedback on the project has been mostly positive with users jokingly assuming that the ship’s shaky voyage is due to it constantly sneezing.

Another amazing approach to making regular ships more exciting is reworking classic Renaissance designs into fantasy flying machines with a taste of steampunk. Exactly that approach has been adopted by a dedicated player who created a gorgeous steampunk airship in Minecraft. The project has a striking resemblance to Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, as it was indeed a source of inspiration. What makes the build even more valuable is that the author shared a world download so that everyone could enjoy exploring the airship’s exquisite interiors.

Although the viciously headbanging Minecraft vessel is a sight to behold, the animation itself would’ve probably benefited from a thorough rework to make an impression of an actual ship sailing across the seas. For now, it has everything to become a masterpiece including flying slabs that are there to represent seagulls – not to mention the photorealistic waves of the highest quality.

Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: nrgmix/Reddit

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