10 Most Powerful Specialist Nen Abilities


Hunter X Hunter is filled with unique characters with differing personalities. Each character falls within a certain group of Nen based on their abilities—manipulation, conjuration, emission, transmutation, and enhancement. The characters who find their abilities fall outside those five are known as Specialists.

Specialists are the wild cards of Nen because their abilities behave differently from any of the other categories. This means they might possess multiple factors in one—being able to tell the future or past, or duplicating someone else’s abilities—which proves they can be some of the powerful abilities there are.

10 Hina’s Exorcism

Hina, one of the advanced Chimera ants,  has a rare ability of Exorcism. This ability is classified as ‘Special’ because it is unique and doesn’t fit into the other Nen categories. Although she isn’t fond of the side effects, it is helpful.

Hina’s Exorcism allows her to take away curses created by Nen from others and store them in her belly, causing her to appear pregnant. The more intense and powerful a curse, the bigger her stomach grows. In the show, she removed Knuckle’s curse on Cheetu, and her stomach appeared about the size of a watermelon. She mentions she regrets choosing Exorcism as her ability because of the way it ruins her figure, but it is a rare and powerful skill to possess.

9 Leol’s Rental Pod

Leol’s Rental Pod is a fun ability and is one of the only abilities fans see that can ‘borrow’ other characters’ abilities. Although there were conditions to fulfill, there is no doubt that this skill gave Leol endless potential at his fingertips.

Rental Pod allowed Leol to borrow other abilities from people around him, but some conditions had to be met before he could do this. Firstly, he had to know the name of the ability or see it be used, and secondly, he had to do the owner a favor and speak a phrase along the lines of, « you owe me, right? »  This sets an unspoken agreement between him and the owner and allows him to use the ability whenever he wants unless the owner has died.


8 Meleoron’s Perfect Plan & God’s Accomplice

Fans first fully see Meleoron’s special abilities when he comes in contact with Gon, and he explains how they could be used to the curious soul. His ability later proved to be dire in the battle against the Chimera ants.

Meleoron can become invisible and completely undetectable with his Perfect Plan ability, but he must hold his breath as long as he wishes to remain cloaked. He can also extend this invisibility to others by continuing God’s Accomplice’s ability. Though he believes he must trust the individual or agree to partner with them for the invisibility to work for both of them simultaneously.

7 Omokage’s Soul Doll

Omokage’s Soul Doll is a special ability that allows him to duplicate others as a Soul Doll. This ability made him one of the strongest Phantom Troupe members until he was replaced by Hisoka later on.

Omokage can create a Soul Doll of a person based on his adjacent target’s thoughts. This doll would appear and have the conscience of the imagined person and emulate their memories and abilities. However, the doll is not complete until it absorbs someone’s eyes as its own—although this allows that target to see through the doll. When the doll is defeated, the eyes are turned back to the true owner’s body. Although this allows Omokage to control people and access their abilities easily, the dolls have been known to develop their own persona after a while.

6 Pakunoda’s Psychometry & Memory Bomb

Pakunoda was an essential member of the Troupe, whose unique abilities classified her as a Specialist. She was able to help uncover information and secrets for the Troupe, which is why the other members valued her so much.

Pakunoda could delve into people’s minds and read their purest memories simply by touching them and asking what she wanted to know. Upon uncovering those memories and knowledge, she could use her Memory Bomb to implant those memories or her own memories into someone else’s head with a conjured bullet. If someone were shot with their own memories, it would erase them from their mind completely. Essentially, this power gave her access to the intel and knowledge of every soul she came in contact with.

5 Neon’s Lovely Ghostwriter

Neon is one Nen user who developed her abilities without formal training, making her one of the most intelligent characters despite her immature qualities and age. Her Lovely Ghostwriter made her desirable for her father’s mafia companions and others who paid for her services.

Neon’s ability allows her to predict a target’s future in the form of a poem. When her skill is activated, an aura surrounds her, and the ‘Ghostwriter’ appears and guides her arm as she writes subconsciously. She requires a handwritten note with the target’s name, blood type, and birthday to predict someone’s future. If they are not there in person, she requires a picture of them to be present. This ability was obviously compelling and desired, which is why Chrollo later steals it from her.

4 Kurapika’s Emperor Time

There is no doubt that Kurapika was one of the most powerful hunters in Hunter X Hunter, not only because of his keen senses and intelligence but because of the powerful abilities he developed. His hatred and path of vengeance allowed him to obtain some of the most powerful special abilities.

Kurapika’s specialist abilities are unique because they can only be activated when his scarlet eyes are illuminated, specifically attached to the Kurta clan. Once Emperor Time is activated, he becomes a master at all aspects of Nen at once and utilizes them to their full potential. He can also use his Judgement Chain only in conjunction with Emperor Time, a lethal chain that plunges into his target’s heart and can instantly kill them if the order he sets is disobeyed.

3 Neferpitou’s Dr. Blythe

Pitou was the first Royal Guard of the Chimera Ant King and one of the biggest threats. Their aura was known to be overwhelmingly ominous, and their abilities proved to be equally as dark and dangerous.

Pitou was capable of multiple puppet-like abilities, and while their puppeteering could be labeled as Manipulation and Emitter skills, her Dr. Blythe power is clearly more specialized. Dr. Blythe allows Pitou to conjure a large balloon-like puppet capable of healing all sorts of wounds—completely reattaching a lost arm, fixing a broken bone, or even performing full surgery. This skill could fully keep them and those important to them alive no matter what injury they possess.

2 Chrollo’s Skill Hunter

Chrollo could easily be given the title as one of the strongest Nen users due to his special ability to have whatever skills he wants. He can easily face just about any adversity and has the confidence and authority to back it up.

Chrollo’s Skill Hunter ability appears in the form of a book with a red handprint on the front of it. Inside is a record of all the stolen abilities Chrollo has. For him to steal them, he must meet some conditions—he must see the ability with his own eyes, ask the target questions about the ability, place their hand on the handprint, and all the above must be completed in an hour. Even though there seem to be many conditions to meet for him to use this ability, it is no doubt one of the strongest and most dangerous abilities, allowing him to access and master whatever skill he wishes.

1 Meruem’s Aura Synthesis & Metamorphosis

Mereum was undoubtedly a god-like threat to all humanity and those who didn’t align with him. Although Netero did find a way to defeat him, he was invisible to most other attacks that would easily defeat anyone else. Once resurrected from the explosion by his Royal Guards, he developed even more powerful abilities.

Mereum was already unique since his birth because Aura Synthesis’s ability allowed him to increase his aura and power by consumption. It was also suggested that he could absorb some of their Nen abilities by consuming them, such as with Pouf and Youpi. He developed Metamorphosis from Youpi, allowing him to grow his own wings and fly at great speeds. He also developed another skill from Pouf, which he evolved into Photon, allowing him to detect every aspect of life through millions of microscopic particles at once—which proved to be one of the most dangerous Nen abilities.


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