Marvel’s Kingpin is More Powerful Than The X-Men, And He’s About To Prove It

A new one-shot for Marvel’s Devil’s Reign event sees Mayor Wilson Fisk planning to take on the X-Men, specifically targeting Emma Frost.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Devil’s Reign: X-Men #1

In a new miniseries tying into Marvel’s Devil’s Reign, New York’s Kingpin is about to prove he can go head to head with the X-Men, targeting Emma Frost in particular. While the new event has seen Mayor Wilson Fisk creating new legislation for the city of New York that bans superheroes and vigilantes, its enforcement for the X-Men is tricky given their diplomatic immunity as citizens of the mutant nation of Krakoa. However, Kingpin is nothing if not thorough, revealing that he has plenty of moves he can make, ultimately forcing the X-Men to bend to his will.


In previous issues of Marvel’s main Devil’s Reign series, Kingpin has grown tired of superheroes and their constant ability to make him feel a lack of control and power in his own city. Furthermore, the realization that his mind has been tampered with, causing him to forget Daredevil’s secret identity, has sent him over the edge. He is determined to make all heroes pay using the vast collection of dark secrets and files he’s collected over the years. Now, Fisk has his sights set on the X-Men, and his history with Emma Frost may prove to be the mutants’ undoing.

Just as Kingpin predicts at the beginning of Devil’s ReignX-Men #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto, Emma Frost is able to secure diplomatic immunity for the X-Men through the United Nations, getting the X-Men’s Treehouse in Seneca Gardens to be recognized as a consulate of Krakoa, giving Fisk no legal cause to deploy his Thunderbolts against the X-Men. However, that’s not the only move Kingpin has to play. While Emma is proud of herself knowing she’s angered her old employer, her past relationship will Fisk will undoubtedly come back to haunt her in the issues to come.

As this new issue confirms, Emma Frost used to work for the Kingpin as one of his agents during her darker years. Just like Elektra Natchios, Emma would be sent by Kingpin to remove obstacles from his path using all manner of methods that her powers as a telepath allowed. As such, it seems as though Fisk intends to expose and implicate Frost using a cold case involving a young girl who was murdered. Kingpin seems confident that he’ll somehow remain unaffected despite the exposure that could ruin the reputation of Emma and her fellow X-Men (presumably allowing him to lobby for their removal from New York).

The power Fisk has accrued as the Kingpin of Crime and more recently as New York’s mayor is staggering, proving that he has no problem facing down some of the most powerful superheroes in the entire Marvel Universe. Currently, his position makes him nearly untouchable so long as the X-Men (or any other heroes) wish to still be seen as heroes. As a result, Emma Frost and her fellow mutants better be prepared for the full wrath of Fisk as Devil’s Reign continues, seeing as how their battle with the Kingpin has only just begun.

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