Vicki Gunvalson Recounts Awkward Run-In With Ex Steve Lodge

Vicki Gunvalson explains what really happened when she ran into her ex Steve Lodge and his new fiancée after Tamra Judge spilled the beans.

Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County has set the record straight about her encounter with ex-fiancé Steve Lodge after the news was revealed by fellow housewife Tamra Judge. As one of the longest-running cast members of Bravo’s first Real Housewives installment, Vicki’s relationships have been featured in the spotlight for years. Married to Donn Gunvalson for 20 years, the couple and Vicki’s business, Coto Insurance and Financial Services, were featured staples of the show; Vicki and Donn divorced in 2014.

After a romance with Brooks Ayers, who helped pit the other women against Vicki by lying about having cancer, Vicki met Steve Lodge in 2016. The brother of Roger Lodge and a previous candidate for the position of California’s governor, Steve proposed to Vicki in 2019. While fans loved seeing Vicki happy with her new man, behind-the-scenes held trouble on the horizon. In a highly publicized break-up, Vicki and Steve called off their engagement last September; Steve then proposed to 37-year-old Janis Carlson three months later. A few weeks after the new engagement news broke, Tamra revealed on “Jeff Lewis Live” that Vicki told her about encountering Steve and Janis at a restaurant—and how she promptly chased them out.


Speaking to Page Six, Vicki has finally explained what truly went down. According to the 59-year-old, she was on a date with a man named Rich Dowdall when her ex and his new fiancée unexpectedly walked in. The new couple didn’t stay long, however, as they quickly made a hasty exit. “He ran like a coward with the bimbo,” Vicki told the outlet. And although Tamra was the first to tell the story, Vicki’s version reveals a less exaggerated encounter. “There was no screaming. There was no chasing him like a madwoman,” the former RHOC star said. “I was more disgusted seeing [Steve].” Page Six was also the first to report Vicki’s upcoming break-up party at Kings of Hustler, a male entertainment club; with the event three days away, Vicki‘s Instagram provides more information for anyone looking to celebrate alongside her.

Further explaining that she was at odds with Steve over money owed, Vicki gave the play-by-play of the situation, “I got off my barstool and walked calmly outside and did not yell or scream but did say, ‘Steve, we have some unfinished business to take care of.’ He did not answer and quickly got into [Janis’] car.” To corroborate the story, Rich, Vicki’s date, spoke to Page Six himself. Denying Tamra’s version, Rich reiterated, “[Steve] walks in with his new fiancée, and he does an about-face because we’re right at the edge of the bar, right at the last two seats, and he runs out.” Unfortunately for Rich, the date turned out to be a bust after he told the mother-of-two that she was not ready to date again. “She said, ‘That’s not true,’ and I go, ‘You’re carrying a torch bigger than the Olympic torch.’”

While Rich’s shot with Vicki is now nonexistent, Vicki has confirmed that she is seeing someone, although the man’s identity will remain private as the two get to know each other further. Fans of Vicki’s are happy to see that she is moving on and enjoying life without her ex, especially since she is about to become a grandmother for the fourth time. While Vicki isn’t set to appear on season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County after guest starring on season 14, viewers are still as intrigued and interested in her personal life as ever.

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Sources: Page Six, Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram

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