Apex Legends: How To Turn Mad Maggie’s Ultimate Into A Fireball


With Apex Legends Season 12 in full swing, everyone has had a bit of time to get their hands on newcomer Mad Maggie. As you might expect, the extended hands-on time with the legend has allowed players to discover unique ways to utilize her kit for maximum damage, utility, and fun. One such trick comes from YouTuber Skeptation, who has found out that you can turn Mad Maggie’s ultimate ability into a ball of fire with just a bit of ingenuity and some decent aim.

Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball is already a pretty strong ultimate ability that lays down a line of zig-zagging speed boosts and explodes on enemies, knocking them back and doing a minor amount of damage. But by combining her ultimate with her Riot Drill tactical ability, you can actually turn it into a flaming ball of death with significant area-of-effect damage. As the ball travels, it deals some of the Riot Drill’s tick damage to anything caught in its path, and then it does a bit of extra burn damage on enemies hit by the already-damaging explosion of the Wrecking Ball at the end of the ultimate.

While this may sound like a relatively minor boost, Apex Legends is a fast-paced and strategic game where every bit of extra damage counts, so it may be worth pulling off in some choice situations. However, doing so is a little trickier than it may sound and will undoubtedly take some practice.

In order to properly attach Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill to her Wrecking Ball, follow these simple steps:

  • Aim the Wrecking Ball at the ground just a bit in front of you.
  • Fire the Wrecking Ball toward your target(s).
  • Wait for the ball to bounce once, then quickly fire your Riot Drill at it.

If your aim is true, you’ll attach the Riot Drill to the Wrecking Ball, effectively creating a fireball that can burn your enemies and bounce them around for some excellent disorientation. Look at you – you’re basically a fire mage now.

Make sure you combine this neat new trick with some of our Mad Maggie tips to optimize your playstyle with the rebel warlord.

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