Wordle Helps Foil Kidnapping Attempt

In a shocking twist, the popular word puzzle game Wordle has played an essential role in ending a terrifying home intrusion and kidnapping.

A terrifying home intrusion and 17-hour hostage situation was recently thwarted thanks to the victim’s love of the daily Wordle puzzle. The popular web-based word game, created by Josh Wardle, gives players six attempts to discover a five-letter word through trial and error. While the game has done some harm, like when a Wordle answer made dirty slang trend, it has now also helped save a woman’s life.

Wordle first released in October 2021, and since then it has become a wildly popular daily activity for puzzle fans. Players are given six chances to figure out a five-letter word, with each attempt indicating which letters belong in the solution and in which space. The website only generates a single daily solution, turning Wordle into a popular social activity as users compare their results. The game has inspired a number of clones, with most imitators using words that follow a specific theme. Many users have also attempted to come up with easy ways to win, with Wordle’s best starting word recently being calculated using mathematics.


As reported by PC Gamer, the terrifying kidnapping of a Chicago woman was foiled in part due to her love of Wordle. One night a naked man smashed a window and entered the home of 80 year-old Denyse Holt, forcing her to disconnect her phone lines and take a bath with him. The intruder then locked Ms. Holt in her basement, but the next morning her daughter was concerned when she failed to send over her daily Wordle solution. This prompted the daughter to call the police for a well-being check, leading to Ms. Holt’s rescue and the kidnapper’s arrest.

While the widespread success of Wordle can be largely attributed to the game’s free nature, some fans fear that the word puzzle may soon be locked behind a paywall. The New York Times purchased Wordle earlier in February for a sum of $1 million, sparking concerns that the game will soon be monetized. While the renowned New York City newspaper has stated that Wordle will remain free for the time being, many find it likely that players will eventually be forced to pay in order to attempt the day’s puzzle.

Denyse Holt’s kidnapping is a frightening story which could have easily ended far more tragically. However, her love for Wordle and the attentiveness of her daughter helped bring an early end to the terrible home intrusion. While it may be a mere puzzle game, fans’ dedication to Wordle has proven the title’s ability to potentially save a life.

Source: PC Gamer

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