Loki Season 2 Will Have Darker Story For Ravonna Renslayer, Teases Star

Star Gugu Mbatha-Raw teases that Loki season 2 will have a darker story for Ravonna Renslayer and expresses her love for the character.

Star Gugu Mbatha-Raw teases that Loki season 2 will have a darker story for Ravonna Renslayer and expresses her love for the character. The English actress made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the first season of the Disney+ series as a former hunter for the Time Variance Authority who rose from the ranks to become a judge. Ravonna oversees Loki’s investigation into the string of murders of TVA agents committed by a variant of the god of mischief.

Tom Hiddleston returned to lead the cast of Loki alongside Mbatha-Raw, Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosaku, Eugene Cordero, Tara Strong, Sophia Di Martino, Sasha Lane, Richard E. Grant and Jonathan Majors. Created by Rick and Morty alum Michael Waldron, the series became a smash hit for Marvel Studios and Disney+ upon its release, receiving rave reviews for its performances, narrative, musical score and visuals and becoming the most-watched series premiere at the time of its release. Rumblings of Loki season 2 permeated ahead of the show’s premiere before being confirmed in the mid-credits of the season 1 finale and audiences are hungry for more details of what’s to come from the time-bending series.


While speaking with PopCulture.com for her HBO Max series The Girl Before, Mbatha-Raw offered some insight into the highly anticipated Loki season 2. Though keeping her lips mostly sealed about what’s to come from the new season of the series, the actress teased that the next chapter of the Disney+ title will have a darker story for Ravonna Renslayer. See what Mbatha-Raw shared below:

« Oh, my God. You know I can’t say anything about Loki. [Laughs] The Marvel police will come along and just take me away. But no, I’m excited that it’s happening, and I really love my character. I think she’s unexpected and complex. And so, I’m excited to go to some deeper, darker places with her as well. »

Mbatha-Raw’s tease of Ravonna getting a darker story in Loki season 2 should come as an enticing concept given her character arc in season 1. Initially poised as an ally and potential love interest for Owen Wilson’s Mobius, Ravonna would ultimately reveal herself as a villain keeping the TVA’s dark secrets of all of its workers being variants and acting as the de-facto Time-Keepers for Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains. Loki season 1 left Ravonna on the run as she searched for the possibility of free will, all the while hunter B-15 used a variant of Renslayer to prove to her fellow agents the truth of their existence.

Additionally, Loki season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger in which Hiddleston’s titular character is trapped in another dimension in which Kang the Conqueror statues adorn the TVA. With the multiversal villain set to be the main antagonist for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, many have begun speculating who could be the primary foe of season 2 of the Disney+ series, making Mbatha-Raw’s comments a potential hint at her antagonistic run in the show’s return. As Loki season 2 is reportedly set to begin filming in summer, audiences will have to wait with bated breath for more details on Ravonna’s MCU return.

Source: PopCulture.com

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