10 Most Powerful Versions Of Sabretooth


Sabretooth has shockingly returned in Marvel Comics in Sabretooth #1, becoming one of the most powerful versions of the character fans have ever seen. The popular X-Men villain has plagued the team and Wolverine in particular for decades, and he’s done it in various iterations and incarnations across the multiverse in the comics, with some versions of the character more powerful than others.

Some of the most interesting versions of Sabretooth explore different aspects of his character and morality, most famously in the Age of Apocalypse storyline from the 90s. A kinder Sabretooth is in many ways a stronger one. He’s a fascinating villain who continues to change and morph, becoming more powerful and—in some cases—more dangerous in each new take on the classic character.


The Original Version

The original version of Sabretooth who first appeared in Iron Fist #14 in 1977 is ostensibly the same as the Earth-616 version throughout, but comic book fans know there are some differences. He has razor-sharp claws and teeth and is a vicious, skilled fighter.

He has heightened senses, reflexes, as well as strength, and speed. What he doesn’t have initially and for some time is his trademark healing factor. Spider-Man defeats him relatively easily in The Spectacular Spider-Man #116.

X-Men Forever

Comic book fans know Sabretooth has evolved a lot over the years. Like most versions of the character, The X-Men Forever version has heightened senses to offset the loss of his vision as well as a bionic hand. He’s also, within the story, different from the Earth-616 version.

Legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont used this story to reveal the original is not as strong Sabretooth is the original, and is separate from the later Earth-616 version. This version of the character is Wolverine’s father.


Like most versions of the character, the Earth-616 version has a healing factor that allows him to endure most injuries. The benefits of the healing factor are extraordinary, allowing him to age very slowly and heal from even the most gruesome injuries.

The Sabretooth most fans know is incredibly strong, with a vicious lust for violence that has made him responsible for some terrible acts in the comics, including the apparent murder of one of Wolverine’s love interests, Silverfox.

Old Man Logan

The Old Man Logan universe of Earth-807128 is one of the darkest future timelines in Marvel Comics. Though his powers are functionally the same as the original, in many ways Victor Creed is liberated in his evil and hate.

This Sabretooth has no limits on his cruelty and he participated in several violent killings of superheroes in the deadly attack that set this universe apart from Earth-616. He has evolved in many ways, becoming more animalistic and violent.

Earth X

The Earth X version of Sabretooth is one of the most powerful and one of the most terrifying. His powers and abilities appear to be mostly the same, but he appears much larger than the normal one and is much more of a monstrous figure.

Sabretooth was tortured and experimented on in this alternate reality, and he lost his lower jaw. It was replaced by a pair of jagged hooks he wielded with deadly precision. As strong as he was, he was ultimately killed by this reality’s Hulk.

Age Of Apocalypse

One of the most powerful versions of Sabretooth appeared in Age of Apocalypse, a massive storyline that represents some of the best X-Men comics of the 90s. His primary attribute here is that he is a hero and member of the X-Men, using his powers for good.

As a hero, Sabretooth is much more powerful in using his strength, agility, and speed. He’s a constructive force not just for the world, but for Blink, in particular, a young member of the X-Men to who he becomes a mentor and father figure.


The Exiles version of Sabretooth is essentially the same as the Age of Apocalypse version, though he’s from an alternate reality. He possesses all the powers of the others but also has an adamantium-laced skeleton.

Like Wolverine, this asset makes him virtually indestructible in concert with his healing factor. This version is also far nobler than others, making him a powerful force for justice in the multiverse of Marvel Comics.

Ultimate Comics

The Earth-1610 version of the character from Ultimate Comics is a product of the Weapon X program like Wolverine. He has adamantium-laced claws and fangs, a terrifying upgrade from the main universe, making him much closer to Logan in power.

He’s also one of the best martial artists in any universe, a highly trained fighter who possesses a feral rage. Victor Creed is virtually unstoppable in this universe, a one-man army as deadly as Wolverine.

Marvel Zombies

The Marvel Zombies version of the character is even more powerful than the others. He possesses all the powers and abilities of the Earth-616 version, but infected with the zombie virus of Earth-2149, he is functionally immortal.

He also retains his intelligence and agency, allowing him to turn his inherent cruelty into an even more horrifying weapon as he hunts down other people to eat and kill in this nightmarish alternate reality. He even temporarily manages to attack and wound Galactus, trying to steal the Power Cosmic to become even more powerful.

Krakoan Era

The most powerful version of Sabretooth in Marvel Comics may be the latest one. In the first issue of the new Sabretooth series in 2022, Victor Creed is revealed to be the King of Hell with truly god-like powers. But there’s a catch.

It’s an illusion, gifted to Sabretooth as he continues to be a prisoner deep within the depths of the island of Krakoa. But in the issue, there is the hint that there may be some truth to his new powers and reality when other mutants are placed in Hell with him.

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