10 Quotes That Prove Monica & Ross Are The Best Sibling Duo

Friends has six well-known main characters, all with their own lives that meet in the middle to form a great friendship group. There are plenty of relationships within the group, including the on-again-off-again saga with Ross and Rachel, as well as plenty of relationships outside of the group. Some romantic relationships and even friendships don’t last long in the series.

However, there’s one relationship that seems to remain intact, even if they have their rocky moments, and that’s the family tie between Monica and Ross. They’re both funny, loyal, kind and aren’t afraid to call each other out when it’s needed, making them arguably the best sibling duo, not just in Friends, but in all modern sitcoms too.


Monica Looks Out For Ross During Their Dance

« Ross! We Should Stick To The Routine. We Don’t Want To Look Stupid. »

Stereotypically, sisters will often be seen making up dance routines together – usually as children or young teens. But the usual clichés don’t apply to this sibling duo. The pair had a dance from when they were younger that they decided to bust out on a TV show, of all places, during which Monica tries to save Ross from any embarrassment.

The period of this scene is when Ross and Monica are both adults and though it might be a little weird, it’s great to see the pair of them hadn’t lost their childlike enjoyments. What makes it even better is Monica looking out for her brother, so he doesn’t look stupid in one of the funniest Ross and Monica sibling moments on Friends.

Ross Finds Out About Monica And Chandler

« My Best Friend And My Sister! »

There’s an unwritten rule that nobody gets together with their friend’s sibling. However, Chandler and Monica missed that memo and Ross ends up catching them in the act.

This quote has two sides. Firstly, when Ross is initially horrified at what he’s witnessing, and secondly when he comes round to the idea of the pair being together because it’s more than just fooling around. It’s heartwarming scene in Friends, as Ross is so protective of Monica, but his mind changed about the situation because he found out how happy she was, which is obviously very important to him.

Monica Supports Ross At The Hospital

« Oh Boy! You Are Doing So Good. »

The fear of doctors and needles can be very real for many people, especially children. It’s not uncommon for adults to feel the same way, but they wouldn’t usually act childish should they have to make an appointment to see a professional, but clearly Ross does.

Monica goes with Ross to the hospital after he has an allergic reaction and tries to support him as much as possible, even talking to him like a mother would to her child to make him feel better. She proves that she will do whatever it takes to be there for Ross.

Ross Compliments Monica’s Food

« My Sister Makes These Amazing Turkey Sandwiches. »

Home comforts and cooking are delights that can never be beaten, they’re always something to look forward to. Ross’ favorite food in Friends is a Turkey sandwich that Monica makes. When he takes one to work only for it to be eaten by someone else, he reacts in a fit of rage.

Upon explaining what happened, he praises Monica’s food and it’s evident that he truly loves what she makes. Not only does the quote show that Ross is willing to praise Monica whenever the moment is right, but Monica is also kind enough to make her brother food that he enjoys, showing how much she cares for him.

Monica Expresses Love For Her Nephew

« You Jerk! You Know How Much I Love That Kid! »

Monica’s love for her family extends to Ross’ son Ben. Being close to her brother, she couldn’t wait to become an aunt and spoil her nephew. On one occasion that she looked after him, she accidentally hit his head and became extremely worried about it. Ross found out, but decided to wind her up, acting as if the injury had effected Ben.

When Monica finds out Ross is joking around, she’s relieved but overwhelmed. The strong sibling bond really come to light in this quote for two reasons: Monica would never want to hurt Ben and Ross knows that the accident was exactly that, not wishing to be angry at his sister.

Ross Spills Monica’s Secrets

« Hurricane Gloria Didn’t Break The Porch Swing, Monica Did! »

Ideally, petty arguments between siblings would end with their childhood days, but patently they don’t. In any sibling duo, sometimes rows erupt from nothing. Monica and Ross began revealing each other’s secrets to their parents, in an attempt to constantly one-up each other.

Of course, the act of a heated disagreement doesn’t make them a great sibling duo, but it’s the fact that they both knew each others secrets that does. They clearly both trusted one another to not tell secrets and kept them for each other well into adulthood.

Monica Shows Her Competitive Streak

« You Wanna Go Right Now? ‘Cos I’ll Take You Right Now Buddy. You Wanna Go? »

Monica is portrayed as having impressive strength and a relentless competitiveness, whether it’s with friends or family. It seems to have stemmed from her childhood rough and tumbles with Ross, who coaxes her into wrestling again.

As he provokes Monica’s confrontational streak, she squares up to him and isn’t prepared to back down. Like their dance routines, this quotes proves that they have an unmatchable bond. There’s probably very few other people they’d be willing to wrestle with, but the playful sibling rivalry comes out every now and then.

Ross Threatens Chandler

« If You Ever Hurt My Little Sister, If You Ever Cause Her Any Unhappiness Of Any Kind, I Will Hunt You Down And Kick Your A**. »

It doesn’t just have to be quotes between Ross and Monica that prove they are the best sibling duo. What they say to other people is also a marker of their bond.

Chandler may be Ross’ best friend, but that doesn’t mean he no longer feels a duty to make sure her relationship remains happy. Therefore, Ross tells Chandler what would happen should the opposite ensue. Although Ross isn’t taken that seriously, it’s a sweet quote that shows how much Ross loves his sister and won’t let anyone get in the way of a happy life for her. Even Chandler.

Monica Helps Ross Be The Holiday Armadillo

« Come In, Have A Seat. You Must Be Exhausted Coming All The Way From Texas. »

Ross’ attempt to find a Santa suit to please Ben isn’t successful because it was too close to Christmas to find one. Consequently, he ends up wearing an Armadillo outfit instead.

When Monica greets him, she’s clearly perplexed at his costume, but nonetheless goes along with the character in front of Ben. She could easily call Ross out in front of her nephew, but even though she obviously thinks he looks ridiculous, she chooses not to blow his cover and just be a supportive sister instead.

Ross Stops Chandler Getting Cold Feet

« I’m Serious! You’re Not Walking Out On My Sister! »

Monica and Chandler’s wedding rolls around and Monica could not be more excited to marry the love of her life. Chandler on the other hand, gets cold feet and begins to panic at the prospect of becoming a husband.

After Ross thought Chandler had tried to run away, he tackled him to the ground and told him there was no way he’d let him leave Monica. He certainly backed up his promise of hunting Chandler down should he ever hurt her. Thankfully, their wedding went ahead and became one of the most romantic Friends episodes. Once again, Ross became the loyal big brother and displayed the closeness and brilliant sibling relationship between him and Monica.

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