Olympic Commentator Calls Bobsled Track « A Mario Kart Rainbow Road »

Recently at the Olympics, one of the commentators compared the monobob track to Mario Kart’s iconic Rainbow Road course, and it was great. Commentator Bree Schaaf, who previously competed in bobsled at the Olympics in 2010, dropped the knowledge during a recent broadcast that fans reacted to on social media.

« Coming out of corner 13, that section of the track goes up, goes down, it bends away–it’s like a Mario Kart Rainbow Road. It is so hard to make it through there clean, » Schaaf said. You can watch the sequence in the video below, and it’s also been preserved in an official NBC press release for further enjoyment.

Replying to viewers who noticed the reference during the broadcast, Schaaf said of the comparison to Rainbow Road, « That’s really how this track feels–weightless at times and… weird! »

Schaaf’s commentary on monobob and other events, in general, has been praised during this year’s Olympics, and it’s not hard to see why.

In other Mario Kart news, Mario Kart 8 recently passed an astonishing 43 million copies sold. It is the Nintendo Switch’s best-selling game of all time by a wide margin. Years after launch, Nintendo just announced an ambitious live-service plan for the game, with a whopping 48 courses coming to the game as paid DLC by the end of 2023.

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