2 New Star Wars Locations & Hunters Revealed For Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters reveals two new Hunters called Skora and Sprocket, along with two new maps: The Great Hunt (Tatooine) and Dusty Ridge.

Additional news from Zynga regarding the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters reveals two more playable characters and locations. The multiplayer mobile and Nintendo Switch title will be a free-to-play arena shooter that allows players to take control of a number of different operators with unique backstories and gameplay styles.

Star Wars: Hunters was initially revealed last year and subsequently soft-launched in a selection of Asian territories. The game takes queues from other popular multiplayer shooters like Overwatch in that it offers up a selection of different operators to choose from, each with their own approach to combat. Players might also be reminded of the classic Star Wars: Battlefront games, as footage from Star Wars: Hunters shows off a number of unique environments and characters. Up until this point, Zynga has revealed an assortment of playable droid, alien, and human characters, in addition to instantly recognizable maps like Hoth and Endor. Gamers will have the option to engage their enemies with firearms, lightsabers, force powers, and various pieces of Star Wars tech.


The roster of Star Wars: Hunters’ playable characters and maps continues to grow, according to a recent statement. Zynga told Screen Rant about two new Hunters called Skora and Sprocket that will be available once the game releases; Skora is a cartel doctor who uses her brains and craft disposition to aid her allies and harm her enemies from afar with the help of her trusty dart gun. Zynga also revealed the character of Sprocket, a charming alien who controls a small arsenal of droids capable of both causing damage and remedying it.

Watch Skora’s character trailer on YouTube here.

Watch Sprocket’s character trailer on YouTube here.

On top of these two new characters was the reveal of two new maps: The Great Hunt and Dusty Ridge. The Great Hunt is set to be an escort map that leads players through the unforgiving desert landscape of Tatooine all the way to the forest moon of Endor. Meanwhile, Dusty Ridge features bumpy, sandy terrain that is perfect for playing Huttball, a beloved sport in the universe of Star Wars.

These new reveals should serve to fortify the hype that many are building for Star Wars: Hunters; as additional characters, game modes, and environments are unveiled, it certainly becomes easy to believe that this new game will be a diverse and fresh experience. As a live-service game, it is also likely that new content will not stop after the game is released.

There are plenty of Star Wars games in the works for fans to get excited about. While many long-time Star Wars gamers might be itching for a new Battlefront game, Hunters may fill that void while offering up unique gameplay systems. With any luck, Star Wars: Hunters will introduce more iconic and fun characters to the Star Wars mythos.

Star Wars: Hunters will release on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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