10 Movies That Are Awkward To Watch With Your Parents, According To Reddit

There is nothing worse than an unexpected sex scene when watching a movie with one’s parents, leading to a hot flush and a deafening silence. In a perfect world, movies would give viewers a warning before this occurs so they could either hit fast forward or leave the room before the awkwardness ensues.

One Reddit user created a thread where other users could share movies that they would definitely not watch with their parents. From iconic romances to comedy action movies, these are just some that everyone should avoid watching with their parents at all costs!


Titanic (1997)

Titanic may seem like a tragic love story that earned an iconic status in the world of cinema, but it is also a story of lust and passion. The innocence between Rose and Jack resembles something of a first love but this innocence is soon replaced with a complete infatuation with each other.

From the moment Rose tells Jack to « paint her like one of his French girls, » the couple’s dynamic changes, later heightened through a steamed-up car window smeared with a handprint. Whilst scenes of lust were limited to two throughout the movie, TotoroTheGreat claims that « the scenes were still steamy enough to be awkward, » with many fans agreeing.

Pretty Woman (1990)

There are several things that viewers would change about Pretty Woman in a reboot today, but the romance between Vivian and Edward isn’t one of them. The couple’s love story begins in the world of sex work, with Vivian having an open attitude towards sex, which would already instill fear into some viewers who may be watching with their parents.

Bmac_TLDR explained how they « watch[ed] Pretty Women with [their] mother and that got surprisingly awkward » due to the movie’s sexual nature. It’s safe to say that Vivian and Edward’s attraction to one another definitely manifests on screen with scenes of nudity, sex, and romance, but it remains a charming love story that sees itself on the tamer side for Reddit Users.

Don Jon (2013)

A movie about a man addicted to sex is bound to make some viewers uncomfortable, but watching it with one’s parents might make it almost unbearable. Don Jon is an interesting watch that, on the surface, seems to have a sleazy plot, but it actually offers much more, with the insight it offers into the role of pornography in modern-day relationships.

For Reddit user ajjsbrujas1990Don Jon is « a great film about porn addiction and the Hollywood-illusion of sex & love, » but it is definitely one that viewers should avoid watching with parents. Its open and honest representation of sex is a refreshing take on the subject, but the movie’s in-depth descriptions and scenes of a sexual nature could silence more conservative fans.

Trainwreck (2015)

Lebron James and John Cena in Trainwreck may be the funniest characters created by Judd Apatow, but they are not solely to blame for Trainwreck being another movie to avoid watching with one’s parents. The movie’s high focus on love and sex makes it a seriously funny rom-com, with Amy not shying away from adventure within the bedroom.

W-A-D-E shared they watched Trainwreck with their « mom the other night » before explaining that « she left the room three times lol. Couldn’t handle the sex scenes. » The talk dirty scene with John Cena left fans cringing due to Amy’s nonchalant attitude in voicing what she wants and how she wants it, which was particularly awkward for some fans like W-A-D-E.

American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho is one movie that remains R-rated for many reasons other than sex. The movie’s title gives a harrowing insight into its plotline, but it doesn’t warn fans about its sexual nature. OLEVAR was just one fan to explain how the movie is « great until that weird-ass threesome scene. »

Patrick is just another character that knows exactly what he wants in the bedroom, but with the added twist of narcissism and an underlying aim of murder. The scene involves two women, a camcorder, and a perfectly positioned mirror that fulfills Patrick’s desire to look at himself, all whilst making viewers squirm in their seats wishing they were somewhere else.

The Jackass Franchise (2002 – 2022)

It wasn’t just the cast members of The Jackass franchise that suffered greatly, but also its unsuspecting fans that watched alongside their parents. Perhaps not surprisingly, each movie contains a fair amount of nudity and continues to shock fans even today for its ever-growing ability to challenge the stunts from movie to movie.

Reddit user kylebvker was one fan that shared how « Jackass was quite awkward watching it with my parents » due to its obscene stunts. The Jackass movies are definitely ones to be watched with friends rather than parents due to their R-rated nature and need to be as outrageous as possible.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Naomi and Jordan’s relationship was one to behold on The Wolf Of Wall Street. The pair had a complete lust for each other as soon as they met, but this obvious attraction soon turned sour. The Wolf Of Wall Street pushed boundaries and saw Leonardo DiCaprio occupy a role that was a lot more confident than the innocent Jack viewers grew to love in Titanic.

Whether it was Jordan’s drug addiction or their tumultuous sex life, the movie is packed with nudity, sex, and tension, which makes for a seriously awkward watch when accompanied by one’s parents. Reddit user neatntidy explained that they went to see the movie with their mother which resulted in « awkward times » for them both, summing up why this R-rated movie is 100 percent not family-friendly.

American Pie (1999)

American Pie got many things right about being a teenager and the need to experiment was one of them, but that didn’t mean it was any less awkward for fans. The movie encompasses the curiosity many teenagers have about sex, resulting in the creation of an awkward but iconic scene.

According to bruchole, « any American Pie movie » is an unusual choice to watch with parents due to its explicit nature and storylines. The pie scene was a particular reason and encapsulated the awkwardness between parents and children when watching Jim’s awkwardness after his dad caught him with the pie.

Black Swan (2010)

Despite being a thriller, Black Swan doesn’t fail to give fans thrill of a sexual nature and intense scenes of lust and passion. From masturbation to Nina and Lily’s night of sex, the movie provides some intimate representations of experimentation and allowing oneself to let go through self-discovery.

Reddit user alohasprinting explained that they « watched Black Swan on a public plane, middle aisle » and instantly regretted their decision due to the movie’s in-depth and raw depictions of sex. Overall the movie reels viewers in by the false pretense of being a thriller, which is why some viewers have been unfortunate enough to sit through an hour and 48 minutes of awkwardness with their parents or on a plane.

50 Shades Of Grey (2015)

When asked the question, Rocksolid01 was quick to state that it « must be 50 Shades of Grey. » The movie’s main focus is sex, so if one chooses to watch it with their parents, it’s a brave decision, as 50 Shades Of Grey explores sex differently from other movies.

The movie plays into the world of fetishes and fantasies, with many female fans praising the movie for being a refreshing representation of women and sex. The movie is not for the faint-hearted due to its intense nude scenes that are equipped with some darker undertones of pleasure and obsession, which is just one reason why this raunchy flick is one to hide from any parents.

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