Berserker Class Guide (Best Weapons, Skills, & Items)

The Berserker advanced class in Lost Ark is a high-damage dealing powerhouse, and he is one of three available Warrior types to choose from.

The Warrior class in Lost Ark has three advanced class options, including the Berserker. To build the best possible Berserker, players will need to consider what skills, engraving, and weapons to use. The Berserker build may need to change depending on if players are competing in PvP battles or completing PvE objectives. Along with choosing the right skills, players will also need to obtain or craft a high-tier weapon.

Berserker characters use Greatswords as their weapon, and there are a few Tier 3 swords to choose from. Tier 3 weapons can add 16,294 Weapon Power and increase damage, and some of the Greatswords have extra bonuses when equipped with armor pieces of the same set. The best Greatswords to use are the Sunset Greatsword, the Hero’s Tattered Greatsword, the Dazzling Twilight Greatsword, or the Dimensional Greatsword. Both the Sunset and Dimensional Greatswords can be obtained by completing Chaos Dungeon Punika.


The Berserker class in Lost Ark has two character-specific engravings, Mayhem and Berserker’s Technique. Mayhem activates during Burst and causes 0.2% max HP to be recovered. The amount of HP recovered increases gradually when hitting multiple enemies. Berserker’s Technique also activates during Burst, and it will increase critical damage by 30% and negate exhaustion after Burst ends. Along with class-specific engravings, players can also use Cursed Doll, Grudge, Master of Ambush, or other damage-focused engravings with the Berserker class.

Best Skills for the Berserker Class in Lost Ark

Leveling up the Berserker will unlock more powerful abilities, so players will likely need to change out their skills a few times to end up with the best build. The best skills to increase for the Berserker are Shoulder Charge, Red Dust, Finish Strike, Tempest Slash, and Sword Storm. Additionally, players may also want to put skill points into Whirlwind, Hell Blade, and Chain Sword. Using a combination of these skills will create a powerful Berserker character.

As with other Lost Ark classes, such as the Striker, the Berserker has two Awakening skills that unlock after the character reaches level 50. Berserk Fury is an Awakening skill that can be charged to increase the damage dealt and the area of effect. The base damage is 111 and doubles or triples when charged or overcharged. The other Berserker Awakening skill is Chain of Vengeance. This skill will deal an initial 111 damage, then pull enemies in dealing an equal amount of damage before causing an explosion that knocks enemies back and hits for an additional 111 damage.

The Chain of Vengeance Awakening skill is better for players that don’t want to wait to charge the Berserk Fury ability. Choosing the Awakening skill will also depend on what activity players are completing, like searching for loot in Lost Ark or attempting raids. Players may need to respec their character according to their objective, and this can be done in the Combat Skill menu. Presets can also be set in the same menu to avoid constantly redoing the character’s skills. The Berserker is a powerful Warrior class character with a few build options in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is available for PC.

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