Sorceress Class Guide (Best Weapons, Skills, & Items)

The Sorceress is an advanced Mage class in Lost Ark that can become powerful using the best skills, weapons, and engravings to enhance her abilities.

The Sorceress is one of two advanced classes of the Mage that players can choose in Lost Ark. Along with the Bard, the Sorceress represents the Mage class, one of five main classes in the game. The Sorceress in Lost Ark is a ranged attacker that uses spells to deal area damage to multiple enemies at once. The elemental attacks used by the Sorceress are fire, ice, and lightning strikes, and her abilities can deal damage, and stun or slow enemies. For the best Sorceress build, players will need to consider what engraving, gear, and skills to use.

The Sorceress has two class-specific engravings that function differently and using one will depend on the desired playstyle. Players can choose either Reflux or Igniter as one of Lost Ark‘s class-specific engravings, and they will directly affect the character’s identity gauge abilities. Reflux disables the use of Magic Release, reduces cooldown by 10%, and gives a constant damage buff of 16%. With Igniter, when Magic Release is activated critical chance is increased by 25%, critical damage is increased by 50%, and cooldowns are reduced by 50%. The Reflux engraving is generally easier to use for new players, but the Igniter engraving can be used to deal a lot of damage in short bursts.


Staves are the weapon of choice for the Sorceress class in Lost Ark. There are a few different rare, epic, and legendary staff weapons for players to choose from, but for the best effects, a higher-tier weapon should be crafted or obtained. The Marvelous Earth Long Staff, Mute Guardian Long Staff, or Unyielding Will Long Staff provide the best effects and have set bonuses that activate with 2 and 5 set pieces equipped. All three of the aforementioned staves can be crafted using Guardian’s Will or Artisan’s Faith.

Best Sorceress Skills in Lost Ark

Choosing the best Sorceress skills in Lost Ark can be difficult for players just starting out. Luckily, Lost Ark lets players respec their characters for free at any given time, so skills can be experimented with. The Sorceress has fire, ice, lightning, and normal skills to choose from. The best fire-based skills are Blaze, Doomsday, Inferno, and Explosion, while the best ice skills are Frost’s Call, Rime Arrow, and Seraphic Hail. Players should also put points into Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction, and Squall for the best build.

Along with active attack skills, the Sorceress also has two Awakening skills that unlock once the character reaches level 50. Enviska’s Might will surround the Sorceress in a dome that deals lightning damage as it expands and pulls enemies in. Once the duration of Enviska’s Might ends, the dome explodes dealing a large amount of damage. The other Awakening skill for the Sorceress is Apocalypse Call. This skill causes meteors to rain down at random within 18 meters dealing fire damage.

The Awakening skill will depend somewhat on what activity players are completing, such as searching for Lost Ark loot in dungeons or competing in PvP battles. Generally, Enviska’s Might is the better Awakening skill because the area of effect isn’t random like Apocalypse Call. The best Sorceress builds can change depending on what the character is used for, so players may want to have presets for certain activities. Presets can be set in the Combat Skills menu. The Sorceress is just one of many advanced classes to choose from in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is available for PC.

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