Thor 4: How Powerful Will Zeus Be Compared To Odin?


Russell Crowe has confirmed he’s playing Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder, but how does the leader of the Greek pantheon compare to Odin?

How powerful will Russell Crowe’s Zeus be in Thor: Love and Thunder, and how does he compare to Odin (Anthony Hopkins)? Crowe confirmed in March 2021 that he would be appearing in the latest installment in the Thor franchise in some capacity, with the Oscar-winning actor later confirming that his character is none other than Zeus. Zeus is a huge addition to Phase 4, even if Russell Crowe’s role is a small one.

In Marvel Comics, there are numerous factions of gods, with the most important of them all being the Asgardians and the Olympians. So far, only Thor’s people have made it onto the big screen, although Eternals did introduce a number of characters whose names were inspired by Gods from various pantheons. But if Zeus is in Thor: Love and Thunder, that would add a whole new corner of the Marvel Universe to the MCU and open the door for more new characters like the god Hercules in Thor 4. However, what his presence in the movie will lead to remains to be seen, for now.


It’s worth wondering what viewers should expect from his character. Crowe’s take on Zeus is sure to be extremely powerful, considering who the character is in both the comic books and Greek mythology. Like Odin, Zeus is the father of multiple deities and a “Skyfather,” a term used to describe the leaders of Marvel’s pantheons of gods. In the comics, all Skyfathers possess a tremendous level of power, and Zeus is of course no exception. He’s levels above all superheroes, which is demonstrated by the fact that he can easily defeat Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hercules, Hulk, Thor, She-Hulk, and entire teams of super-powered heroes at once. There are few characters capable of even rivaling him in combat, one of which being Odin. When they’ve clashed, the whole planet has shaken.

How Powerful Will Zeus Be In Thor: Love and Thunder

Odin and Zeus are two of the strongest beings in Marvel Comics, and it’s hard to say definitively which one is greater than the other. Either way, the difference between their powers doesn’t seem to be significant (if there is one at all). Also, other cosmic figures have regarded them as equals. All things considered, Zeus is certainly on Odin’s level, so as long as Marvel portrays him accurately, he should be one of the MCU’s most powerful characters.

It’s possible that part of the point of Zeus’ inclusion is to showcase how dangerous Thor: Love and Thunder’s villain is. Gorr the God Butcher has a reputation for hunting down and killing gods in the comics, so it stands to reason that he’ll be on a similar mission in the MCU version of his story. Since most of the Asgardian gods are already gone, it could be that Gorr will be sent after Zeus. Gorr defeating (and possibly killing) a being as formidable as Zeus would prove to both Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and audiences that Gorr is one of the greatest threats that the heroes of the MCU have ever encountered. Anyone or anything that can kill Zeus is a villain Thor has no chance of beating without an enormous amount of help.

Whether or not Thor: Love and Thunder will actually see Russell Crowe’s Zeus introduced and killed in the same movie remains to be seen, but Thor’s Phase 4 armor hints that Gorr will certainly be his most powerful adversary to date. Exactly what Zeus’ role in Phase 4’s story will be isn’t clear, but if his character is even remotely in line with his comic book counterpart, he’ll prove that his powers rival those of Odin’s. Regardless, with Gorr in the mix, Zeus certainly isn’t safe, so whether Thor: Love and Thunder will allow the character to showcase the extent of his power remains to be seen.

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