Why Shaina’s Family Didn’t Give Kyle A Fair Shot


Kyle Abrams insisted on pursuing Shaina Hurley on Love Is Blind, but even her family members seemed to have already made up their minds about him.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Love Is Blind season 2 episodes 1-9 below!

Kyle Abrams went to meet Shaina Hurley’s family on Love Is Blind season 2 with open arms, but it’s fair to say that Shaina’s family members didn’t receive Kyle with a warm welcome inside their home. It was made clear in the pods that Shaina wanted to pursue Shayne Jansen on Love Is Blind rather than working on her engagement with Kyle. After asking Kyle to sleep in a separate hotel room during their trip to Mexico, Shaina went as far as leaving the couple’s retreat altogether.

As Shayne kept working on his engagement with Natalie Lee and shared fun times with her in Mexico, Shaina went back to Chicago. Love Is Blind season 2 showed a self-recorded video of Kyle explaining that he was now by himself in Mexico because Shaina had left the trip. Once they met back in Chicago, Kyle reiterated how much he cared for Shaina and wanted to make things work. As a result, Shaina took Kyle to meet her family so they could see how that went.


From the second Kyle stepped foot inside Shaina’s family home, it became instantly clear that they were not in the mood to give him the time of day. Every single other family meeting on Love Is Blind season 2 featured family members being extremely kind to their loved one’s partner, even if they were totally confused by this experiment and couldn’t understand how this engagement had happened so quickly. On the other hand, Love Is Blind showed Shaina’s family members acting stone-cold, asking Kyle a few uncomfortable questions, and not engaging with anything positive he had to say. Even when Kyle noted that he proposed to Shaina with his mother’s ring, her family members were shown having barely any reaction.

When the topic of Kyle being an atheist came up, Shaina’s relatives were shown drilling him down with awkward questions that sounded judgmental and even a bit confrontational. At that point, Kyle started to get visibly uncomfortable with how things were going. Given that Kyle works in construction – and so do some of Shaina’s family members – he tried to bring that up to bond with her relatives. Alas, that one conversation was quickly dismissed with a few throwaway comments shown in the episode. As that segment wrapped up, Shaina looked absolutely petrified and Kyle seemed like he wanted to leave that house as soon as possible.

Fans should obviously take into consideration how this interaction was edited to be shown on Love Is Blind. But even when taking that into consideration, Kyle doesn’t seem to have gotten any resemblance of a warm welcome upon meeting Shaina’s loved ones. Given that she had already made up her mind about pursuing Shayne, it wouldn’t be surprising if Shaina had already told her family she didn’t want to be with Kyle and used their meeting to underscore how he wasn’t a good fit in her life. Still, that looked like a pretty awkward situation for Kyle to go through.

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