Use Modern Wireless Controllers On PS2 And PS1 With 8BitDo’s New Adapter


One of the most convenient features of modern consoles is that you don’t have to worry about tripping over a controller that has been tethered to that hardware. Outside of some select hardware that’s hard to find, retro gamers have had to plug in their controllers like early-2000s cavemen, but at long last, a wireless option for PS2 and PS1 is here in the form of the $25 8BitDo Retro Receiver.

8BitDo Retro Receiver
8BitDo Retro Receiver


The idea behind this is simple, as this dongle allows you to use modern wireless controllers on PS1 and PS2 consoles. That’s right, you can dust off your original PlayStation or PS2, insert the dongle that’s shaped to resemble a PlayStation memory card, and you can use a wide variety of contemporary controllers to play your retro games.

8BitDo says that the PS5 DualSense–which are currently on sale for $49 each–and PS4 DualShock controllers are supported, or if you feel like being heretical, you can use an Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Wii U Pro, or Switch Pro controller.

There is compatibility for nearly all of 8BitDo’s own controllers as well and the V3 arcade stick (minus the Xbox version) will work with the dongle. As an added bonus, this dongle also works on PC, allowing you to easily connect your wireless controllers. 8BitDo has launched several new products in recent months, and if you’re looking to get a controller for a console that few people remember, the 8BitDo Neo Geo CD is now available for preorder.

The company also has a mechanical keyboard releasing soon, that sports a design inspired by the NES and Famicom era, and also comes with two big programmable buttons.

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